Why Doesn’t My Home Heat or Cool Efficiently?

Have you had a company come to your home and install a High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling system, but your bills don’t coincide with the savings they said you would receive? Or maybe the rooms at the end of your home still don’t heat or cool well? Has anyone checked the ductwork? Are they leaking? Energy Star shows 20 to 30% of your air escapes from the ducting through poorly connected ducts and holes within the ducting. This loss of air results in poorly heated or cooled rooms, insufficient air flow, and air going to unwanted locations. So what should you do about it? Seal Those Ducts! There are many products on the market such as water-based duct sealant, metal foil tape, gasket making butyl compound on metal foil tape, and aeroseal. All of these options can be applied from the outside of the duct where the joints and seams are accessible with the exception of aeroseal. Aeroseal is performed from the inside of the duct system so that ducts which are concealed behind the walls and under insulation can be sealed.

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