When Should I Replace the Air Filter in My Home?

How often do you need to change out the air filter from your heating and air conditioning system? Unfortunately, there is no particular schedule for replacing the air filters in your home because it depends on a wide range of factors. The lifespan of an HVAC air filter could range from 30 days to 6 months and all the way up to only once a year. We will discuss here when and why you should replace yours. 

  • How frequently do you utilize your HVAC system? 
  • How many people are in your home? 
  • What type of air filter do you use? 
  • Do you own any household pets? 
  • Does anyone have allergies? 
  • Where can I order filters?

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service every time we step into the home of an American Airflow customer. We also pride ourselves in showing our customers how they too can improve the life and quality of their HVAC equipment and the air quality in their home. Replacing the air filters in your home on a regular basis is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that you and your family are breathing cleaner air and you may even save some money on those monthly energy bills! 

Frequency of Use

If it is a vacation home or you are lucky enough to live in an area of the country that does not require you to use your HVAC system often, you may only need to change your filters once or twice per year. There are many variables in the lifespan of an air filter and obviously, if it is not used often, it does not need to be replaced often. We encourage our customers to always err on the side of caution and change their air filters at a minimum of every six months. 

Number of Residents

The number of people residing in your home will definitely affect the amount of dust and dirt in the air and therefore will absolutely require more air filter changes. For a single person household, we recommend replacing the filters every 4-6 months. If you have a 2-5 person family living in the home, we suggest that you change the filter at least every 90 days. Of course, if anyone in the family has allergies, a more frequent replacement schedule is needed. 

Quality of Filters

There are a plethora of air filters on the market with a wide range of materials and efficiencies. The most common types are fiberglass and pleated disposable filters. Fiberglass filters are cheap and ineffective in our experience and we do not recommend using them to our customers. We suggest pleated high-efficiency filters because they are stronger and capture everything from dust and dirt to pet dander and other particles that will go right through a fiberglass filter. 

Existence of Pets

If there is a pet or two in the home, the air filters should be replaced much more often. The number of pets will dictate your filter replacement schedule, as well. For one pet, we suggest changing the filter at least every two months. If you have more than one pet, we recommend replacing the air filters as often as once per month. This will protect you and your family from breathing in all of that dirt and dander from your cuddle buddies.  

Treatment of Allergies

Allergies are a fact of life for a lot of us, but a higher quality air filter that is replaced more often can truly help. Most home air filters will list a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. The higher the number value assigned to the MERV rating, the finer the filtration. Obviously the finer the filtration, the more airborne particles it will trap. If you are prone to allergies, we suggest investing in a better air filter and change it just about every month. 

Ordering of Filters

Central heating and air conditioning filters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Your local HVAC technician will be happy to show you which filter you need to order and how to replace it yourself. If our Comfort Care members purchase them ahead of time, American Airflow will swap out the filters during our complimentary annual maintenance. We highly recommend using FilterFetch to purchase replacement filters to all of our customers. They provide exceptional products and offer packages that are specifically designed to meet your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)!

Do I need an expensive home air filter? 

It really depends on you, your family, and your home. Many variables go into which filter you should purchase and how often. We recommend you consult your local HVAC technician to determine which filter would be best for your needs. 

How do I replace my home air filter?

Next time your local HVAC technician is in your home, make sure to ask them where your air filter is located and how to replace it. They will gladly suggest the best filter for your system and where to conveniently purchase replacements. We have proudly partnered with FilterFetch to make it as easy as possible for our customers! 

When should I replace my home air filter?

If you can not remember the last time your air filter was replaced, then it is most likely time to replace it. If you have never replaced your air filter, it is definitely time to replace it. Hopefully, our blog post answered most of your questions about replacing your home air filters, but you should still ask your local HVAC technician to explain the when, where, how, and why as it pertains to you, your family, and your home.

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