How Your Central Heating Equipment Keeps You Comfortable

We all have our comfort zone; favorite comfy pants that we curl up in near the fire, favorite couch that we sprawl out on to watch the game and, of course, our favorite comfort food. Comfort is an important component to our lives.

So how does your home’s heating system keep you comfortable? It could be temperature; most people prefer somewhere between 70-74 degrees versus 60 degrees. It could be humidity control to keep the static electricity away and help control viruses within the home. It could be zoning to keep certain areas of the home cool while keeping other areas warmer. Whatever your comfort needs are in your home, your heating equipment should be there to meet you at your personal comfort zone.

Today’s central heating equipment is much more sophisticated than a furnace or boiler made even 10 years ago. They offer energy savings, less noise, reduced operating temperatures, and most importantly, increased comfort. However, according to Bob Barclay, President of Hawthorne based American Airflow LLC, “The most sophisticated heating system is only as good as the existing piping or ductwork ran throughout the home, so be sure you select a qualified heating professional to be sure you get the comfort you are looking for as well as the performance of the heating system.”

So, does your heating system meet your comfort needs? Maybe it’s time to consider replacing your heating system or at least evaluate what areas of the home lack comfort and research solutions. Remember, comfort starts at home!

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