Five Significant Service & AC Repair Tips

The middle of summer is a hard time for you to face an issue with your air conditioners. Regrettably, this is also the most common time for such problems to arise. You have to come up with a lot of money and that is very frustrating when it comes to AC repair, couple that with the discomfort of not having cold air circulating through your home.

Here are some very important air conditioning repair and maintenance tips so as not to experience this issue:

1. Schedule a yearly tune-up

Probably the most important step you can take to maintain your AC is planning an annual tune-up. Get your system optimized before the start of the summer heat. HVAC professionals make a number of adjustments and checks to ensure smooth functioning of your equipment. Few of them include:

Inspecting external and internal parts for cracks or any other indications of damage
Checking loose fittings and connection leaks
Adjusting the moving parts and lubricating them if required
Recharging the refrigerants
Cleaning the condenser coils
Checking the pipes for leaks, mold and dirt
Checking thermostat battery and performance

2. Take note of some things before you call an AC repair expert

Check the system performance all through summer. Make sure to always start the summer time with a clean and clear air filter. Check it monthly for dirt and replace a grimy filter immediately. An excess of dirt can hamper the airflow. This hinders the efficiency of the AC system. Take note of the not so usual noises that come from your outdoor unit. Take notice also the the consistency in airflow.

3. Check if your AC is overly running

If you find out that your air conditioner is running in excess, it is advised that you check the thermostat settings. Make sure that no on hasn’t changed it accidentally. If you find that your setting are right, look at your battery to make sure that it isn’t weak. A bad battery can affect the thermostat.

4. Plan a repair right away if your system is affected by heat waves or storms

Before you start using your air conditioner in the summer, it is recommended that you get a preventive maintenance tune up. Summer months might come with serious issues related to storms and heat waves. Heavy storms like hurricanes lead to equipment damage. High temperatures are able to put stress on the system as well. In both these cases, pay attention to your external unit, clearing debris and taking note of any physical damage. Plan your repair as quickly as possible.

5. Never try AC repair on your own (unless you are qualified to do such work)

Even though it may seem economical to take a do it yourself approach to air conditioner repair, you may do more harm than good in the process. This is especially true if you are going to recharge the refrigerant. There are many restrictions on the use and upkeep of equipment using Freon for cooling. Most sellers won’t sell such products to homeowners. If you do not have a license, you will likely not be able to get supplies necessary for the repair. Gases like Puron that are easily available are not a valid replacement to Freon. Your equipment needs to be serviced with proper refrigerant.

What should you do if your AC stops working all the time?

If you are faced with several instances of equipment failure, then you should start considering replacing your device. Every homeowner should consider this possibility. While an air conditioner can last for several decades, it would eventually need replacement. It is good to realize that modern systems tend to be more efficient than those produced decades ago. What this means is replacing your unit will give you an immediate improvement in terms of energy-efficiency and reduced costs.

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