Carbon Monoxide “The Silent Killer”

Carbon Monoxide (CO), “The Silent Killer”, is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas that can be found in any home with a fossil fuel appliance. Although most poisonings occur during the winter months, CO can be present all year long. You may already know that high levels of CO pose great health risks, even death in some circumstances. But did you know that low levels of CO, over a prolonged amount of time, can buildup in your bloodstream and lead to chronic, permanent physiological and/or neurological damage?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is measured in “Parts per Million” (PPM). The information below illustrates what symptoms may appear after one hour of exposure to CO:

  • 0-9 ppm CO: no health risk; normal CO levels in air.
  • 10-29 ppm CO: problems over long-term exposure; chronic problems such as headaches, nausea
  • 30-35 ppm CO: flu-like symptoms begin to develop, especially among the young and the elderly.
  • 36-99 ppm CO: flu-like symptoms among all; nausea, headaches, fatigue or drowsiness, vomiting.
  • 100+ ppm CO: severe symptoms; confusion, intense headaches; ultimately brain damage, coma, and/or death, especially at levels 300-400+ ppm.

HVAC Carbon Monoxide detectorStandard CO detectors can be very inexpensive and found in many retail/home improvement stores. Although this may seem the most convenient and cost-effective means of purchasing a CO detector, it may not be the safest investment for your family. These detectors are not considered “low-level” detectors, and are programmed to warn your family only when CO readings hit 70-80 ppm. In reviewing the information above, as little as 10 ppm can pose significant safety threats to you and your family.

Low-level CO detectors provide the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind
  • Accurate readings enabled by an extremely sensitive CO sensor
  • Battery backup power in case of power failure
  • American Airflow low-level detectors sound off at 11-12 ppm
  • Detectors are in stock and available in our showroom
  • Easy to install, or we can install for you
  • 1 Year Warranty

CO is a very serious matter, and should not be taken lightly. On average, 170 deaths occur each year as a result.

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