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Indoor Air Quality

There is nothing more important than making sure your family is safe and comfortable in your own home. Of course you have the best doors, windows, locks and alarm systems in place just for this purpose. You also probably have a central heating and cooling system to keep the indoor climate consistent and comfortable year round. American Airflow is here to make sure the quality of the air in your Northern New Jersey area home is maximized for your family’s health and quality of life.

Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, And More To Feel Comfortable Year-Round

If you want to do something about your home’s indoor air quality, just give us a call today at 973-607-1858. We offer an extensive variety of home air cleaners and air filters that can almost entirely eliminate offensive and unhealthy particles from your indoor environment. And if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, our expert technicians will help you make an informed and productive decision based on your particular needs.

air purifiers
Air Purifiers

If your family suffers from recurring cold or allergy symptoms, the pollutants inside your home could be a contributing factor. These systems aid your air filtration system in more effectively capturing fine dust and bacteria particles.

uv lights hvac
Ultra Violet Lights

These UV lights sanitize, and kill bacteria and mold spores that develop in cold, damp, dark locations such as your AC system. They aid in promoting a healthier living environment with low installation and operating costs, as well as minimal maintenance.

air cleaners hvac
Air Cleaners

Think the inside of your home is cleaner than outside? Think again. The average home can host up to five times the pollution that exists outdoors. Air cleaners will not only reduce this pollution but can also reduce the need to dust by up to 50%. Cleaner air and less time spent on household chores? Sounds like a win-win to me.

hvac dehumidifier

These stand alone units remove moisture from damp areas such as basements and crawl spaces to discourage bacteria and mold from forming.

humidifier hvac

By integrating this equipment with your current forced hot air heating system, humidity is added to your home during cold, dry winter seasons resulting in higher comfort and less static electricity and cracked skin. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Tips for Maintaining Air Quality in the Home

  • Stay aware of local weather reports for news of pollution blown in from fires nearby or other areas. Many communities offer forecasts for the next day’s expected air pollution levels. Levels predicted to be orange, red or purple days signal unhealthy levels of ozone. However, pollution from fires may bring unhealthy levels of soot or fine particle pollution, which may be on days when ozone levels are not high.
  • On days when air pollution from fires (or other sources) is predicted to be high, limit time spent outdoors and avoid exercise outside, especially if you have asthma, lung disease, or are a child or senior.
  • Use a high efficiency furnace filter and replace it every two to three months. A high efficiency filter not only protects the furnace, but can also capture up to 30 times more pollutants such as smoke, pet dander and pollen than standard fiberglass filters.
  • So that air is always passing through the filter, run the furnace fan continuously regardless of the outdoor temperature. To do so, set the furnace thermostat to the “on,” rather than the “auto,” position.
  • Have a professional inspect the furnace once a year to make sure that the air intake is adequate and the unit is operating at peak efficiency. A smooth-running furnace helps the filter capture more soot particles in the home.
  • Prohibit smoking in the home.
  • Make sure gas cooking appliances are vented to the outdoors.
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